My amazing wife

How amazing my wife, Natalia Mcalee, is… my ex is a real prick and though I wanted to give my daughter Eme a nice easy day flying to stl, my ex refused to make arrangements to have her picked up from the airport., on 3.5 hours of sleep (we had an awesome fam night at home) and the inclement snowy weather,  I was a bit worried I’d be able to safely do the 10 hour round trip by car. So at 4am, natalia sensed this and literally (the wonder woman super hero she is) jumped out of bed, grabbed her coffee and sweats and jumped in car with me, all to just be there for me and give me a slight break if I got tired. Can you imagine having someone who protects you as much as my spouse does? I hope so because I just can’t believe how much my beautiful colombian wife goes out of her way just to keep me company and safe!!!! I can honestly say I’m married to my true love, best friend, and soul mate. I love you so much Nat!!! Xoxoxo…



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