Extreme flight is humbled to be a part of the Fly Now Aviation Documentary Project.

About this project:



FLY NOW – A Reality Aviation Documentary

  • Remember when you were a kid playing outdoors and a small plane flew over? It was always a moment of wonder and then someone would relate a story. “I took a ride in a sightseeing plane when we were on vacation” said Billy.
  • Most people relate flight with the airlines and hassles with security and delays. But do you still look up when you hear a small plane flying low and slow? Most of us do. What is the draw and the fascination?
  • There will be a core group of ‘Characters’ in the film. Exec Producer Brian ‘Brain’ Kissinger in a 1929 design Pietenpol Aircamper, Director Jeff ‘Jefe’ Wilson in his 1941 Aeronca Chief, Jack ‘Mayor’ Hill in a 1946 Piper Cub and Bill ‘Commander’ Aanstad in his 1941 Piper Cub.
  • Along with Carmelo Turdo of http://aeroexperience.blogspot.com/ who will be keeping us updated along the way with Photos, Blog and much appreciated promotional work.
  • Rich Clark (Capn’ Rich) is our webmaster. Thank you Rich.
  • Jason White is one of our writers along with Eric Minor.

Please help us spread the word about our fund raising effort to make this Indie Film about aviation. Through the eyes of Piety, the antique open cockpit airplane (and his pilot) we relive the glory days and excitement of flying. We’ll bring you stories from pilots of all sorts of planes. Help with support and win rewards, from your name in the credits to flying lessons in a Piper Cub, plus many others. Please share this post and help us.



Brian Kissinger, Executive Producer, 3 time aviation world record holder for speed. U.S. Air Force Special Operations Major (ret.) Former executive at General Electric Healthcare and successful business owner, “Brain Enterprises” and “4 The Vets”. This is Brian’s first venture into film making and partners with industry veteran Jeff Wilson to create a new film genre to inspire a new type of film making in Aviation. All to showcase the spirit of aviation and her people. Be ready to be more inspired, educated and happier than before you saw our movie. Twitter – @brainsflight

Jeff WIlson – Director. Retired from Television news after 34 years. KSDK Ch5 in St. Louis, NBC, CNN and ESPN. Editor, Photojournalist and Multi-Media Journalist. Over 3 decades experience as a video story teller and documentary creator. Along with good friend and certified flight instructor Brian Kissinger, they will share the love and romance of grassroots aviation with the viewer.
Twitter – @flynowmovie & @jeffwilson108



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