Our new Starter man to prep the Blue Demon

Introducing the newest member to ExtremeFlight, Jonathon Carver. Jonathon is an amazingly passionate young man who we forsee as becoming a top level airshow pilot. A few years ago, Jonathon wrote to me and explained how much I inspired him and how much of a fan he was. It was a very touching email and I still have to this day. I wrote back as I always try to do because as I work my way up, I want to be that “normal guy” that is sociable and does not forget where he came from. I never feel I am amazing and so on, I just do what I do and love doing it! So thats why I still keep those emails because they are very heartfelt and when you lose so many friends per year in this industry, those emails let you understand why we continue. With my wife and manager, Natalia’s passions and the addition of Jonathon and his passion to our team, we are all proof to never give up! Jonathon began showing up to shows (as I once did for Sean D Tucker and beyond) and we became friends and got to know each other. He began helping me with the plane and I returned by sharing knowledge and helping him understand the industry, flying, etc. Jonathon began helping so much, I never had to worry about prepping, performing, etc. and because of Jonathon, I am able to spend more time with my now wife, family, and fans. I sent Jonathon a check at my last show and from here on, it may not be much, but he will be our official “starter” at least in our midwest show region. Sean D Tucker, Rob Holland, Billy Werth, Debbie Rhin-Harvey, Greg Koontz, and even Leo Loudenslager all mentored me when I was Jonathon’s age and younger. Skip Stewart has even answered questions I have had in the past, led me by example (STL 2013), and hoping to continue work with him as soon as possible. So even if I can help the smallest amount, I WILL. I would not be here at all if it wasn’t for those names so it is a true honor to be that name for someone else, especially who I see exactly myself in! Jonathon, (ask Natalia) is literally me at 18! Some of the recent video was also taken by him, which we will build on too, since he has another awesome gift. THIS KID WILL MAKE IT and I am so happy to help and bring him aboard our team. Jonathon is striving so hard to make his passion real, from selling his beloved race car, to wiping down planes, he is doing everything he can to build his passion. I was once in this same situation, I was led by the best, so I have now doubt Jonathon will be where I am today if not earlier. Please welcome Jonathon Carver as our newest member, an extremely passionate future aviator, and awesome young man. You will see him on the road, and because of him, I can share more time with my family and fans. So please tell him thank you and to follow his dreams. Jonathonspread your wings as far as they will go, fly to the highest cloud, soar through the fastest thrill, and NEVER GIVE UP!!!!,



One thought on “Our new Starter man to prep the Blue Demon

  1. Way to go Jonathan! So proud of ya! This is all you’ve talked about since I met you and you were only about 12 then! Go for it buddy and never stop until you achieve exactly what you want! You WILL succeed!


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